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Dear Peg:

I am a young woman dating a much older married man (10 years). He spends a lot of time with me and I am thrilled with that and he is now separated from his wife but often it doesn’t feel that way. The holidays are approaching and I am being excluded from spending time with him on Thanksgiving and Christmas because they do “family” things. The family includes of course the wife. So I sit and wait and I really hate it. When should I be the key person in his life. Is there some type of divorce rules that I am not aware of that I should know about.

Troubled in Savannah

Dear Troubled:

You have no idea the amount of trouble you are headed for. First are you sure they are separated? Second you hold a title that you will never loose. You are the home wrecker. Bringing you to family events won’t be easy ever especially if your man’s family is partial to the wife. Unless he is being 100% truthful and grows some balls with regards to his family and your relationship you can look forward to many a holiday without him.

Do you really need this in your life. Married men are not worth the trouble. There will always be some reason why you think it is alright to have the affair, to justify it but deep down you know there is never a good reason.

Maybe it is time to find someone that is really on this earth just for you. But should you choose to continue down this road I would suggest that a couple of weeks before each holiday you start dropping hints with your friends of your availability and load up on invitations. Don’t stay home alone. For that matter it might even be wise to plan your own gathering with friends and let your man know that you won’t be available until after it is over.



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