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I am a NJ transplant to Powder Springs Georgia for the past 8 years. I spend a lot of time when I am not working the job that pays the bills, training and advocating for dogs. I also in my moment of weakness have rescued quite a few animals always ending in the perfect placement for their forever home. I am not a non-profit organization and all adoption fees and vetting is paid by me. There are situations when I can't even afford a "Special Dogs" needs and will ask my readers to make donations directly to the vetrinary office to help pay for the these animals exceptional costs. Every dollar donated is reported back to you as well as the final outcome for each and every pet I adopt. I donot adopt from rescue organization, only County/City shelters that I don't feel the environment would best serve my special ward. When I find a new home for the animal I don't usually ask for any of the money that it costs me to adopt the animals as a reimbursement....the dogs go to new homes free - unless they insist. If you are looking for a pet training you can contact me via email. I handle basic & advanced problems as well as special issues you are having with your pet. If you are considering adopting please visit the blog to see what we might have on the particular rescue organization or shelter that you are planning to visit.

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